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Corporate and Social Responsibility


It is our policy where ever possible we use local suppliers to reduce the distance products travel to reach us and to help boost the local economy.

We pay our suppliers on time.

We deal with our suppliers in an open and honest way, endeavouring to build long term relationships that are beneficial to both parties.


Our pricing and terms and conditions are clearly written…

We are open and honest in the services that we provide.

We are committed to the ethos of customer service and will deal with any problems quickly and satisfactorily


We are committed to developing the potential of all our staff through training, mentoring and encouragement.

We advertise vacancies in the Town Council ‘Flitwick Papers’ and in local papers to encourage local employment.

Local Community

We have a meeting room that is given free of charge to all local charities and non profit making organisations.

Discounted room rates are available to local charities and non profit making organisations.

We work alongside local organisations such as the Round Table and Lions to offer fund raising opportunities.

The Environment

To carry out where ever practical measures to minimise the impact of our business on the environment by:

  • Maximise the amount of recycling
  • Reduce the amount of fuel and water used
  • Minimise the use of pollutants to the environment
  • Fully comply with environmental legislation
  • Encourage our staff, tenants and visitors to use greener means of transport to and from The Rufus Centre.